Week 01: Intro to Creative Coding and p5js

Class Zoom link will be emailed to your CUNY email account

For our first class we will go over a brief history of computer programming, how programming has been used as an artistic medium in the past and introduce you to p5js which is the framework we will be using in this class.

Lecture PDF

p5js Web Editor Demo

In-Class Assignment

  1. Sign up for Slack.
  2. Send an email using the email address you use for Slack to [email protected] so I can add you to the class Slack channel.


  1. Read through the Getting Started page: p5js.org/get-started
  2. Click around and look at some of the examples: p5js.org/examples/
  3. Be prepared to share your favorite example in class next week.
  4. Watch Dan Shiffman’s video on Programming with p5js and p5js Web Editor.
  5. Watch the video of the Week 2 lecture and come with questions to our Slack class next week.

p5js Editor