Week 10: Interaction and Image Import (Keyboard and Events)

Today we will be continuing with the theme of interaction, but this week focusing on the keys and click events. We will also look back on how the keyboard came to be. Then we will shift gears and focus on digital image import to p5js as well as the difference between film and digital photography.

Lecture PDF

Example Images

Coding Video Tutorials

Coding Examples (Keyboard)
keyIsPressed and keyCode
keyCode and mapping
Key Coded applied to motion

Coding Examples (Images)
Image Filters
Get Pixel Data
Image Sequence/Animation

1. Suggested Reading: pages 95 – 97, 223 – 235, 315 – 324 and 337 – 364 in Processing, by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.
2. Use what we learned in class to produce an interactive piece using images and either keyboard input or mouse input.
3. Share your sketch on Slack next class period.
4. Watch videos and review lecture slides for Week 11.