Week 13: Computer Vision

This week we will be looking at how computers see. We will go over early years for computer vision, using web cameras and background subtraction, talking about fiducial markers, augmented reality, facial detection and 3D space. We will then go over how we can do this in Processing. There is much we can do with the Processing library as is, but there are a number of amazing libraries for Open CV, Kinect, Leap Motion, QR Codes and Facial Detection (FaceOSC). Unfortunately most of this can only be done in the Java version of Processing, but we can still do some interesting stuff in p5js as well.

Suggested Reading: Making Things See by Greg Borenstein
Spatial Media Class Syllabus and Examples (OpenFrameworks)

Lecture PDF

Video Tutorials

Coding Examples
Capture Webcam Feed
Get Pixel Color
Get Pixel Brightness (Ellipse)
Get Pixel Brightness (Emoji)
CV Examples by Kyle McDonald

Finish up your final project and be prepared to present it in Slack class next week!