Week 12: Audio

This week we will be focusing on audio. We will go over the basics of how sound works, look at examples of audio visualizers using FFT as well as some good examples that use audio samples and frequencies to create interactive musical experiences. Finally we will then learn how to do all this in p5js using the p5 sound library which comes standard with p5.

Lecture PDF

Example Audio Files

Video Tutorials

Example Code
Load Audio
FFT Analysis
FFT Averages
Mic and Audio In
Audio Visualization Example

1. Read through the p5 sound library documentation and play around with audio and p5js.
2. Continue working on your final project. Again, it must use the draw loop and incorporate motion, interaction and/or audio. Start playing around with the code for your final. Our next class will be an in class work session and our group Slack conversation will be used as feedback on your progress and questions around your code.

Helpful Links
FFT Analysis
Robert Hodgin
Listen to Wikipedia
Alexander Chen
Beet Box
RFID Beat Box
Light Hum
American Stringed Instruments