Week 08: Kinetic Forms

Today we will be discussing Rune Madsens blog post on the future of the designer and how the designer is becoming the “Meta-Designer”. After our discussion, we will start are transition from static design to motion graphics. We will first go over a brief history of motion graphics and animation from thaumatropes to computer animation, then look at a few code in motion projects and finally go over how to move forms using Processing.

Lecture PDF

Coding Video Tutorial

Coding Examples
Draw Function and Motion
Motion X-Axis
Bounce X and Y Axis
Bounce X and Y Axis – Class and Array
Clock Example

In Class Assignments
Design an abstract clock with hours, minutes and seconds using p5js.

1. Suggested Reading: pages 173 – 178 and 245 – 249 in Processing by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.
2. Choose one of your static designs from the last 7 weeks and use the draw loop to add some motion to it.
3. Add your sketch to the Slack channel during our next class time.
4. Go through the lecture slides for Week 9 and watch the video. Come to class next week with any questions about mouse interactions and creating brushes.